Youth Climate Conference: How do we get Earth back in balance?

  • Fredag, 19. august 2022 - 8:00 til 10:00
  • Online - link følger
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  • Sidste tilmeldingsfrist: Torsdag, 18. august 2022 - 12:00

”Earth in Balance” - From consumer society to regenerative society - from challenge to opportunity

- A Denmark/New Zealand collaborative

The world has reached 7.8 billion. Humans spend far more resources each year than the Earth can recreate. Global Footprint Network reports that in 2021, Earth Overshoot Day was already July 29th. The year before, it was almost a month later!

To reverse the trend, there must be a radical change in our way of life. We need to think differently, reorganize resource consumption, production, waste management and recycling. We need to get used to a new 

reality with an increased focus on climate adaptation and limited resources. To get back in balance, we need to give more back to the Earth than we take; in other words a regenerative approach. It has become 

clear that energy policy is also security policy is also security policy, which has actually created momentum to accelerate the green transition in Europe.

Learn more about how climate knowledge and data is used to create innovative climate solutions

Are you aged 16-24 then this conference is for you!
Participate as individual or together with your school class. 

Climate has become a hot topic. We hear a lot about the challenges which we are facing if we don’t stop up and act immediately. But what are the concrete actions we need to take? And what solutions are 
already being implemented?
Participate in our 2-hour long Youth Climate Conference online and learn more about how we can get Earth back in balance!
How can Youth actions and voices be taken more seriously? How to bridge the gap between expectations and actions?
How do the Youth see their future livable cities? Their rural ares? How does this match with the solutions in place?
Denmark and New Zealand are very different countries in regards to landscape but quite similar when it comes to mentality and the challenges they are facing. How can we learn from one another? How can we share our thoughts, our challenges and how can we grow stronger together? And how can we connect to the rest of the world at the same time?
What will you get?
• 2 hour online conference designed BY youth FOR youth
• Presentations delivered by highly skilled speakers
• Focus on solutions rather than challenges
Nice to know:
• The conference is in English with global attendance
• Free of charge to attend
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