Seminar H: Why and how organisations think about the future. Fordybelsesseminar på Aarhus BSS (samfundsvidenskab)

Samfundsvidenskabelig fordybelse
Aarhus Universitet - mere info følger
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Søndag, 30. juni 2024 - 12:00

v/Adam Gordon, School of Management, BSS, Aarhus Universitet

This seminar discusses how people and organisations use techniques of strategic to adapt and innovate successfully in a changing world. 
All decisions play out in the future. We will look at the tools and methods of the field of future studies, which deals with how to account for forces of change and interpret the implications of current events in order to make successful choices today. We will take situations in history and the news media and cultural landscape to discuss how an informed future view can be used, and sometimes abused, to guide decisions and influence outcomes.
You will work in groups and present to the cohort.
The seminar will take place in English.


Seminar H: Samfundsvidenskabelig fordybelse blandt andet til formål at give jer et eksempel på klassisk samfundsvidenskabelig analyse med afsæt i en konkret case.
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